In brain-related conditions, every minute is an alarming ticking clock.

The game changer for Brain Imaging accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Our mission

Transforming neurological care through the capability to scan and monitor the brain anytime, anywhere.

Our Solution

Reborn is developing a portable AI-powered ultrasound helmet, delivering high-resolution, radiation-free brain scans for versatile in and out hospital applications.

In the hospital environment, tailored for bedside use in critical care, Reborn’s AI-powered scanner ensures rapid and precise neurological diagnosis, such as strokes, traumatic brain injuries and MS with continuous real-time monitoring capabilities.

Radiation free.
Cost effective.
Eliminate intra-hospital transport, thus significantly reducing patient complications and infection risks.
Reduce treatment delay.
Reduce hospitalization duration.
Potentially save billions of dollars to hospitals yearly.

Elevate neurological care standards with Reborn's cutting-edge innovation.

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